Innovations for Smart Cities and IoT Ecosystems

Milandr offers technology that improves decision-making, lowers costs, automates processes, and boosts connectivity for business, government, and individuals.


Our Products and Solutions are built from the ground up with reliability and ease-of-use in mind.

Milandr Smart Solutions & IoT Ecosystem

From one end-point to hundreds, our solutions help you monitor data, track trends, and automate processes in real-time.

Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions
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Residential Submetering

Monitor and manage electricity consumption and net metering for apartment buildings, RV parks and homes.

Retail Submetering

Multi-tenant and scalable submetering with configurable load profiles, time of use and up to 8 tariffs.

Commercial Submetering

For heavier load submetering applications, our Milur 307 three-phase meter can meet your needs.

Asset Protection

With features like Built-in Overload Protection and Tamper Log, our smart meters will give you peace of mind. Our IoT devices can monitor temperature, humidity, movement, light and leaks.

Reduce Manual Inspections

With our line of IoT solutions, you can remotely monitor and control your home or business device ecosystems.

Regulatory Mandates

As federal, state and local governments continue to adopt smart grid initiatives, you can future-proof your buildings with our technology.

Our solutions are flexible and easy-to-deploy.
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